First Update

Question Progress

This is the first update post for We have had a very productive summer so far. One of the main changes was switching from Joomla to wordpress. This initially has set us back as far as progress on the site goes, as learning a new content management system takes some time. However, wordpress is very easy to use and should make things smoother as we move along.

We have received and continue to receive surveys regarding the test engine on Joomla all of which have been very positive and motivating so thank you for that! All in all there have been over 1100 unique people that have tried practice tests on the old site. Considering the amount of advertising we did (N approaches 0) that isn’t so bad.

As you can see there are ~350 questions that are in some form of completion. The vast majority have stems and answers. I just need to start in on the explanations and rounding out some more references. Finding pictures or creating pictures takes considerable time, but I feel it is necessary to provide clear explanations. Once all the questions have stems, answers, explanations, and references I will start asking staff that work in the related field what they think about the questions and make changes. Once this is completed it will go to  our professional editor to knock out the grammatical mistakes. Finally, it is added to the quizbank. Right now the progress bar is for those questions that have completed the first step: stem/answers/explanations/references. I hope to have the process near completion by July 15th 2013. Meaning I need to get a little over 1 question done per day. I hope to track my progress here.

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