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Please understand what you are buying before doing so:

Using the Quizbank you will be able to take multiple choice practice questions and get results after every quiz on how well you did.

It will function like the demo test except you will be able to practice more questions and select which categories you would like to practice questions from. You will have the option to flag questions for review, and take timed tests to help create an environment similar to your computerized test. 

Quizbank provides a basic history of the quizzes you have taken, including the date, number of questions, and number and percentage of correctly-answered questions. It also provides basic personal statistics, including the number of quizzes you have taken, how many of the total questions you have seen, and the number and percentage of questions you got right the first time you saw them.

Quizbank has been tested in google chrome, other browsers should work but using chrome will be your best bet. The website is responsive and preliminary testing does well on the iphone and ipad.

Questions may not be evenly distributed among categories (see breakdown below). Further questions in other topics will be added over time.

We do offer group rates (3 or more) for a two month subscription for $65. 

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Breakdown by Categories:

CategoryNumber of Questions
Applied Sciences61
Cardiovascular and other systems11
Equipment and assitive technology19
Musculoskeletal Medicine62
Neurologic Disorders96
Patient Evaluation and Diagnosis102
Patient management28
Rehabilitation problems and outcomes42

Number of distinct questions: 223

If you have any questions about what you are buying please contact us before buying , and we will be happy to assist you.