Moving along


I was able to work through more of the Rheumatology questions, and now have started on MSK questions. The first one was simple enough, but took considerable time formatting and getting the pictures to do what I wanted. I typically use GIMP (a free picture editor with similar capabilities to photoshop) but find that certain things are just not that easy to do. So after spending 15 minutes trying to figure out my particular problem I switched to paint and did it in 15 seconds.


More tech/capabilities does not always equal better. I think my  attending who taught me amputee medicine would agree with that! Anyway, have been chipping away at the questions and have completed 6 more. I also spent considerable time working on a procedure logger for fellowship. Has a lot of nice features and some limitations that I am still working on. See you next week!

Bankart lesion picture: Original Author: RSatUSZ.

License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported


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