Plugging away

 I have been making some progress on writing the questions. Interestingly, a number of them that I was going to write I have been having some difficulty corroborating the answers for. As most of you probably know there is a paucity of high quality evidence for a number of things we do in PM&R. This makes writing questions a bit more tricky. Nonetheless, I have more or less been sticking to my goal of at least a question per day. I often end up knee deep in PubMed, which makes it a little slower going.

I also have a number of side projects for the website that I hope to get to. One that I think most of you will find helpful is corrections to Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Board Review (Cuccurullo second edition). Studying for my own boards and writing questions for the website has brought a number of these to light. I am roughly halfway done with that page and plan to have it up an available in the next few weeks. Keep your eyes open for that.

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